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While I enjoy the greatest tech products on the planet and get to be real creative with them, I also have fun being creative for them as well.


Here are some of my works:

My “composition notebook” skinmod for the MacBook Air 11.6”


My “composition notebook” skinmod for the iPad 2

I don’t have a picture yet, since I recently made it and ordered it through ZAGG. As soon as I get my new iPad 2 and this ZAGGskin, I’ll apply it and take photos!


My “Leica camera” skinmod for the iPhone 4


If you’ve enjoyed my work and encourage me to do more, please use my affiliate link to ZAGG here or the banner below, where you can upload these images (or your customized versions of them) and protect your device.  If you also have an idea that you want me to create, let me know. Thank you!

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