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Bombarded with Custom Assignments

Rico: Mercenary for Hire has been out for about a month now, and it’s been a great ride so far in terms of popularity and sales, considering I’ve been revamping my website and did not do any “marketing blitz” for it. Users have been getting pretty far into the mission roster, but no one could […]

Why I Switched from GameSalad to Coro...

Why I Switched from GameSalad to Corona

The following message was something I posted on the GameSalad forums a while back, but I felt it was important to repeat here. What is funny was that before I posted this, my Sous-Chef status simply disappeared without warning or notice, which only reaffirms my personal thoughts regarding their handling of issues.

Proposition to Eliminate Mandatory Wi...

Proposition to Eliminate Mandatory Wireless Carrier Data Plans

A few days back, I asked my Dad why he won’t get an iPhone. He responded that he doesn’t want to pay the extra $25 a month for a data plan, when he works from home and he’s always surrounded with Wi-Fi. Similarly, I’m sure that the iPhone 5 will be announced within the coming […]

function welcome() print ( “Hel...

function welcome() print ( “Hello!” ); end

Welcome to my new website and blog! It’s going to go through some growing pains as I figure things out, so please bear with me. If you require technical support, please contact me at raphael -AT- mywebsite -DOT- com.

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