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Feather Has Floated onto the App Stor...

I’m proud to announce that my new game Feather is now available on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. With all the Flappy Bird clones out there, I didn’t want to contribute to the same flood of pixelated 8-bit graphics and identical, monotonous gameplay. Feather has the familiar simple-yet-frustratingly-addictive gameplay, but […]

One Man, Three Years, Four Wireless C...

It’s been too long since I’ve updated my website. Honestly, I don’t know where the time has gone. So much has happened over the past couple years, I’m not even sure where to begin. We can start with the last post I made on this site, where I pretty much broke it off with AT&T […]

Why Sprint is the Best Choice for the...

Why Sprint is the Best Choice for the iPhone (aka My Breakup Letter to AT&T)

I’ve been an iPhone devotee long before the first one was even released.  When Steve Jobs did the iPhone keynote back in January 2007, like millions of others, I was sold.  I ditched my last RAZR V3xx and Windows Mobile devices, and I sat patiently for June to arrive. And when it arrived, I loved […]

Thank You, Steve.

Thank You, Steve.

I’ve never been more proud to have been a switcher.  Rest in peace, and thank you.

My Interesting Adventure in Buying an...

When the iPad 2 came out, I found a buyer just in time for my first-generation iPad. Like many others on Launch Day, I spent a few hours on line at an Apple store. I was lucky enough to get the second-to-last one they had available: a black 16GB Wi-Fi model.  That’s all I needed […]

Even My Love for Apple Has Its Limita...

The last few weeks have been quite a ride outside of my realm of software development, so I apologize for not posting sooner. For those in the know, software development is a passion of mine, but, at this time, it’s only at the level of being a hobby to a side-business. It moderately provides supplemental […]

From Getting Started to Getting the M...

Developed with Corona SDK

There’s no doubt that Corona SDK is powerful in its own right. Out of the box (so to speak), you are able to make both games and applications (hereinto referred as “apps”) that are fast and powerful, for both iOS and Android. It’s a bit of a misnomer, but for the iOS platform, Corona can […]

Another Lua-Based SDK Emerges: Moai

Calling themselves “the mobile platform for pro game developers,” Moai is a Lua-based SDK that’s currently in private beta development. I was alerted to this newly emerging SDK by its parent company Zipline Games. Both sites are rather sparse with information, and they’ve released one unnamed game based on its Moai SDK about a year […]

Trying to Come Up with the Next Angry...

Are you sitting at your desktop or laptop trying to come up with the next game or app, hoping you’ll hit it rich with a killer concept? Don’t end up bursting a blood vessel, because like most inventions and innovations, they usually come when you least expect it. So, it an aptly titled article on […]

A Year’s Recap: GameSalad, Coro...

A Year’s Recap: GameSalad, Corona, and iTorque 2D

Today is Tax Day for Americans, and many of us need to recap what has happened to us financially in the last year in order to fill out the necessary forms to send in to the government in order to find out if we owe more or are due a refund. For iOS and Android […]

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