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Rico: Mercenary for Hire


Take on the role of Rico, a hired mercenary and expert sharpshooter, as you accept challenging assignments to take out as many targets as you can!

Armed with a powerful gun and special ammo, use the environment at hand to ricochet your bullets against the walls and platforms. The more targets you take out with a single shot, or the more your bullets ricochet around the area, the higher your earnings become.

But, be careful! Many of these environments can be tricky and may take a combination of precision, patience, speed, or luck to succeed. With your earnings, you can buy more bullets and/or upgrade your gun to take on even more difficult assignments.

  • Universal app that plays great on recent-generation iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads
  • High-resolution graphics and dozens of detailed backgrounds for Retina Displays
  • Cool silhouette animations and particle effects of blood splatter and ricochet sparks
  • Intense music soundtrack, crisp and realistic sound effects and voiceovers
  • Integrates with Facebook and OpenFeint to post and share stats, compete on leaderboards, chat on forums, and grab achievements!
  • “Cheat” your way through with optional in-app purchases of bullets, gun upgrades, and unlocking assignments
  • Game is endlessly expandable with an assignment editor where you can build your own layouts and upload them to our server
  • Free live downloading of new assignments as they are tested and approved
  • Live rewards for posting on Facebook and creating custom assignments
  • Use your iPhone/iPod touch camera to upload your own backgrounds to go along with your custom assignments

(internet connection required for live downloading and retrieving rewards)

The first and only game of its kind on the App Store. Grab it today, compete with your friends, and add to it with your own creative assignments for everyone else to enjoy!

Pick it up today from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

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